Bible reading plan - Devotionals - Update!

Remember this post? Well if you’re not a crawler bot you probably don’t. But anyway, after 2 years, I have finally finished 1 half of the yearly plan.

That means I took 2 years to finish the small 1-year goal of finishing the ‘Secret’ half of the McCheyne Bible reading plan I mentioned in that post 2 years ago. However that also means that I have read the New Testament and Psalms once through in the past 2 years, and half of the Old Testament.

While I almost read the entire bible in one year back in high school, I think I definitely read it better this time, with better understanding of exegesis and biblical theology (thank you bros and sis’s who taught me). I always thank God for His Word and you beautiful people who’ve taught me =).

I can also see that during the times I didn’t delve into God’s Word, whether it was because I was “too busy”, “didn’t need to” or “didn’t feel like it”, I consistently had some of the worst moments. We depend on God for our every breath and for every quark in the universe to continue to exist and obey the laws He made for them. It is a ridiculous idea that we don’t need Him. It should also be obvious that not practising His presence by not communicating - listening and talking to Him, primarily through His Word and prayer - means we’re throwing away so many wonderful blessings we have because God has called us His people (and we, Him our God,) and has chosen to be with us!

God wants to have this awesome relationship with us, and loves us so much, even to the point of sacrificing His own Son - Jesus, pouring incredible amounts of grace into our lives. He pursues us relentlessly. Not having this gospel, this great, wonderful, awesomely, GOOD news, in my mind, heart, soul and body and not focusing on Him and His kingdom has hurt me severely.

So as I start this new devotional ‘year’ on the 1st October, 2014 (starting on the Family part this time), I hope to do it daily and continuously for the next year, and to delight in the bible, not least because of “how He loves us so”. And hopefully I will meditate on His Word day (morning, perhaps commuting to work/study), and night (before sleeping), and all day long. Just like the wise Psalmists, and how God wants us to relate to Him in Joshua 1:8, and the guy being described in Psalm 1. It’s pretty much like “Stay close to me because I have le unique OP blessing aura I’m the one from whom all good things and blessings flow/originate”!

Hoping to read the ‘Private/Self’ part at night. [note to self: have finished Hosea and looking to finish the Psalms 140-150]

Jesus is Agape

The heavens rejoice when repentance happens

That moment when a sinner repents and accepts Jesus as both Lord and Saviour. (And by extension gets adopted by God our Heavenly Father, is indwelt by the Holy Spirit, and becomes our spiritual sibling).

- Life just got real.

8 “Or what woman, having ten silver coins, if she loses one coin, does not light a lamp and sweep the house and seek diligently until she finds it? And when she has found it, she calls together her friends and neighbors, saying, ‘Rejoice with me, for I have found the coin that I had lost.’ 10 Just so, I tell you, there is joy before the angels of God over one sinner who repents.”

- Luke 15:8-10 ESV

Jesus is Agape
Jesus is Agape

Know of any good Christian radio channels in Melbourne?

Been waking up to Melbourne’s 89.9 Light FM and being really disappointed in the lack of “Christian” in this ‘Christian radio channel’. Seriously, the ads mention more Christian stuff than anything else and aren’t very edifying. Loved waking up to the encouraging radio shows of One Way FM in Canberra with Christian music, short messages, topics and interviews clearly with Christian and gospel teaching and being greatly edifying. Definitely helped me get out of bed. =P Any Melburnians know of good Christian radio? (I live in SE suburbs; check my ask in my next post!).

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So recently we’ve been learning the Agile/Scrum model at uni, how it accelerates feedback and allows for flexibility in systems you develop as opposed to the traditional sdlc waterfall model. This reminds me of the Psalmists (incl David) who meditate on God’s word day and night, or all day long. Or those whom pray continually as Paul calls us to.

The advantage is that your focus is always on the right thing - loving and glorifying your Lord, Father and Saviour, like a ship which continually needs to adjust the rudder and sail in winds and currents, just like how Agile allows for the client’s requirements to be changed and the system developed towards the new focus. Also, it allows for reviewing of what you did - what was good (keep doing), what was bad (stop doing), and what you could do (start doing) every day [lol Sprint Retrospective, what I did in life normally for everything]. I think a lot of my problems with anxiety and depression spout from not focusing on God in the first place, then A&D come in and narrow your focus and blind you and make you focus on the horrible things and your fears and make you fear, blinding you further in the cycle of doom. Focusing on Jesus so totally helps this. Even in the worst of times, we can hold onto the hope we have in Christ. =) And though we might not be able to smile, our hearts will have peace, hope and joy in the knowledge of our sure promise, for God is faithful.

It’s been so obvious to me that daily devotions just makes my whole life better, especially by focusing myself on what matters and getting my priorities right, and remembering God’s promises. After years of not doing it regularly and failing spectacularly, I don’t think I’d want to ever go that way again. God’s way is the best way =)

Jesus is Agape

Psalms and ISIS / IS

ughh … more news about ISIS/IS.

I’m going through the Psalms as part of the MCheyne bible reading plan I’ve been doing. (A 1 / 2 yr review will be posted later this month! =D ) But I’ve never thought the words of the Psalmists who talked about their enemies seeking their life and relentlessly hunting them down would apply to me literally - physically. But as I hear news of major persecution, most recent of which are the mass genocides and exiles of Christian people in Iraq, I can see how this plea can be so real and applicable, even in the present age - it’s happening right now! But, as usual, the Psalmists acknowledge God’s steadfast love, slowness to anger and abounding grace, and they hope in Him for ultimate salvation. A hope that does not disappoint.

Jesus is Agape

Christian Persecution in Iraq - ISIS / IS

I’ve already posted here about ISIS.

But seriously, if this source is true, in just 1 day, ISIS/IS has killed more people than Israel has in the recent Israel-Hamas Gaza conflict. (Not to mention terrorising and displacing a significantly larger number - refer to my previous post).

Here’s a good analysis as to why media might not report on persecution of Christians as much (which maintains the cycle of ignorance). According to this abc source, “four out of five acts of religious discrimination worldwide are directed against them [Christians]”. Wow. You don’t get that impression normally.

Thank God we, like Paul, have a hope that does not disappoint, and are able to bear all things through Him who loves us knowing that we will gain when we die. Please keep these in your prayers.

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Conflict - An imperfect world

So as soon as I saw the princess state her intention of going to Earth in Ep.1 of Aldnoah Zero I immediately knew what was going to happen even as I watched on in disbelief. The writter and producer etc. had already trapped me and made me form an emotional bond with her in her very first scene. -sigh- So much Gundam-like themes/tropes =P [I like where the story is headed after Ep. 3, the fighting’s pretty good - like Code Geass!] But I kept asking with a pain in my heart - “Why don’t they just stop killing each other???”

Then I read more news on the Gaza happenings (and indeed human conflict, brokenness and suffering in general) and laugh sadly at people trying to characterise the acts as “war crimes” or “crimes against humanity” or offering any justifications. I mean, people are DYING no matter what you say or classify it as! So many sad things in this world …
How I long for the New Heaven and New Earth. And thank God I have the hope that does not disappoint.

Jesus is Agape
Jesus is Agape

Anonymous asked: Love your blog. How can Christians who are divorced condemn gay marriage?



I guess I don’t understand the question. Are you saying that people that have sinned can’t encourage others not to sin? That pretty much includes everybody. 

I’ve lied before. That doesn’t mean that I can’t say that lying is evil. 

I’ve lost my temper. It’s still way wrong.

I’ve lusted and coveted and disrespected and hated. That doesn’t mean that I’m exempt from preaching that the Bible is the last word on how to live rightly. How to live God’s way. 

I love that idea almost everyone in America seems to unanimously believe: if you can’t uphold the rules and standards set before you, you aren’t allowed to outline those standards to anyone else. Logically, this is an absurd notion: moral laws are true regardless of whether or not someone has broken them, and a person’s misstep is a hit against their credibility, not the validity of that moral code.

Although to be sure, the Christian message (gospel) is one of grace - it’s BECAUSE we sin and fail so badly that it’s good news we’re forgiven!

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I’m bach

Sup Tumblr? I’m back! (after a short long hiatus) And it’s great to be back! - So many encouraging and gladdening posts! =D (especially them gospel-centered ones =)

lol FF autocorrect tried to suggest “self-centred” instead of gospel-centered. NO. >=|  xP

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Satisfaction. Do these really satisfy you?

Purpose. Is it eternal and awesome?

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Jesus is Agape
Jesus is Agape
Jesus is Agape